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What is to be done?

  For those following every stupid thing that goes on in Congress these days, it is easy to see that Congress has yet to be affected by the protests.  Instead of passing the Jobs Act, the Republicans voted it down and now they are ignoring working on jobs and the economy and instead they are … Continue reading

Iranian Scheme

International outrage is focused on Iran as a plot has been uncovered that would have ended the life of the Saudi ambassador to the US.   The vice president, as well as a Saudi prince and the British P.M. have all said that there will be severe repercussions for Iran. As details are coming to … Continue reading

Millionaires March

October 11, 2011 Even though they were not part of the Occupy Wall St. Movement, three groups, Strong Economy for All, United for New York, and the Working Families Party used the momentum of the Movement to organize a march through the wealthiest areas of New York City, stopping in front of the million dollar … Continue reading

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