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Occupy Wall Street Will Remain in Liberty Plaza

Occupy Wall Street Will Remain in Liberty Plaza. That is the word at the Plaza…but it can only be done with nonviolence…if there are arrests made, and if the police are a little rough, you better believe that it will be on camera and on youtube within the next fifteen minutes, that will help the … Continue reading

What is to be done?

  For those following every stupid thing that goes on in Congress these days, it is easy to see that Congress has yet to be affected by the protests.  Instead of passing the Jobs Act, the Republicans voted it down and now they are ignoring working on jobs and the economy and instead they are … Continue reading

Operation Cleanup or Clear Out for Occupy Wall Street

With Mayor Bloomberg wanting them out of “Liberty Park” so the city can “clean up”, the Occupy Wall St. people are scrambling this morning to clean up the park themselves.  There are complaints from the 99% about Mayor Bloomberg and  Deputy Mayor Holloway for setting up “new rules” for the occupiers after they had settled into the … Continue reading

A Poll for the “Masses”

Boston Police Brutally Assault Occupy Boston

It looks as though civility is breaking down, and the real fight is starting…Occupy Boston needs to stand firm, and they need our support to do it! Boston Police Brutally Assault Occupy Boston.

Occupy Boston Arrests

All the information you need to know about the Occupy Boston Arrests from October 11 is here @  More on Occupy Boston Arrests.  

American Hikers Thank Senators

Two American hikers who had been held in an Iranian prison for more than two years visited with The Foreign Relations Committee and other senators who had pressed for their freedom on Capitol Hill October 12. Joshua Fattal, Shane Bauer and their families met with Sen. Al Franken (D, Minn) and others to personally thank them for … Continue reading

Jobs Act Killed by Republicans

On October 11, the Senate Republicans showed that they will stand united by not voting for President Obama’s Jobs Bill, killing on the floor.  The Senate Minority leader, Mitch McConnell (R, KY), said that the bill was “just another stimulus plan that won’t work, financed by tax hikes that will kill jobs”. Obama will continue … Continue reading

Iranian Scheme

International outrage is focused on Iran as a plot has been uncovered that would have ended the life of the Saudi ambassador to the US.   The vice president, as well as a Saudi prince and the British P.M. have all said that there will be severe repercussions for Iran. As details are coming to … Continue reading

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