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Operation Cleanup or Clear Out for Occupy Wall Street

With Mayor Bloomberg wanting them out of “Liberty Park” so the city can “clean up”, the Occupy Wall St. people are scrambling this morning to clean up the park themselves.  There are complaints from the 99% about Mayor Bloomberg and  Deputy Mayor Holloway for setting up “new rules” for the occupiers after they had settled into the park…long after, about a month after to be exact.  The new rules, put out by a notice (below) make no mention of the Mayor, but a letter from the owner of the park to the NYPD ( states that they have not “been able to perform basic cleaning and maintenance activity” and there have apparently been numerous calls from “concerned citizens and office workers” about the “unsanitary conditions” and laws being broken.

Because they are not able to clean the park, and they think drugs might be currently used by the protesters and they do not have adequate sanitary facilities, the owners of the park are requesting that the NYPD “clear the park” so they can clean up.

This has gotten the protesters to thinking “why don’t we just clean it up?” and so they have started to do so.  From their twitter account (!/OccupyWallStNYC) you can follow that they have been requesting brooms, mops, trash bags and other cleaning supplies so that they can clean up the park, and hopefully, stay there and continue their protest.

Now, if they succeed in cleaning up the park, that still may not fully satisfy the owners, as they will probably maintain that they are still not able to maintain the park like they need to, and then there are the “rules” that have been put in place only after they have begun their occupation-in short, they, like Occupy Boston, are about to start having a rough time with city authorities.

They have already garnered quite a bit of support from the country and local NYCers, but that may not be enough, they need more support and more supplies to clean up the park and to maintain their stay there.












Source:  Occupy WallSt. Twitter




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