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Last Pro-Gaddafi strongholds in Sirte

NTC fighters run for cover as fellow soldier fires RPG

The new Libyan government is reporting that the last two pockets of pro-Gaddafi forces are holding out in Sirte, which is the last stronghold of the old regime.  On October 11, volunteer soldiers fought against the loyalists after walking into a trap shortly after approaching a building that had recently been fired upon by a tank.  RPGs and small arms fire sent the volunteers scrambling to safety to regroup.

The National Transitional Counsel said that the town should be taken in the next two days, and after the town has been captured, then they will start to rebuild the country as a democracy.

The loyal forces, with their backs to the sea and pressed in on two other sides, have been fighting very hard, with the possibility of being mistreated by their captors, who are not as disciplined since they are volunteers.  Arrests and suspicions of any male who is fighting age and foreign Africans (who were recruited by Gaddafi to fight in his army) have been rampant in the city.





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