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In this first post by The Peoples Blog, I would like to ask “What’s Next?” What is next for the American People, what is next for the Occupy Movement, what is next for our government?  A suggestion to the Occupy Movement:  If you want to stay a strong movement and morph into a real power, I suggest boycotts.  Find out the top financial contributors to the past couple of campaigns, and boycott their products or services (if you can).  This, like the original Occupy Movement, should be a grassroots movement, but instead of the big cities, this should start in the more rural areas of the country.  This gives more people a chance to participate (making the Voice stronger) whereas previously they could not.  This should be brought upon and organized by the small cities and towns themselves, giving them the strength and support from within, which will help them endure their boycott longer.

Now, obviously, one of the biggest financial contributors are the big oil companies, and even though this will probably be the hardest to boycott, but definitely one of the most necessary groups to protest.  These groups have had a strong grip on the government and our wallets for far too long, and I think it is time for us to take back control of our finances and our government.  Riding bikes is really the best way to go about this, it is good for you, and you will end up saving quite a bit of money (I ride to work, at least four and a half miles round trip five days a week), and if enough people do this, then the big oil companies will have to take notice, and when they are not able to contribute to the political game in Washington, then they will have to take more notice too.




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